Hello everybody,

our company has completed a webproject with the designgoal to
implement something fast so we have some results. This is what we have
done, and the result is, uhm, however, thats not the point.
Now we are looking for ways to redesign the project with two goals in mind:
1. Build an Application Layer to have some more abstraction and easier
use of our own classes (this one's worked out at most and seems to be
no problem).
2. Gain a lot of speed

We are using php 5.3 and mysql 5.something, our general concept so far
is to have an object for every table in the database and a mapper for
data related methods. Now, when we do something (reading/writing to
db) we go ahead, fetch rows from the DB and convert it to the related
class to work on with the class.
This is slow, way to slow for most things :(
Now we are thinking of caching, yes we know about apc and friends, but
the problem is, most of our objects need to be updated in real time,
f.i. in one tab the user inserts some prices for something, and in the
next one the user gets a list of all prices, including the new one,
and to make things more complicated, its possible for multiple users
to enter prices for the same tab.
So we cannot cache prices, etc. for a certain amount of time, what we
need is a caching system which checks if there is new data and if not,
return the cached object and if so, fetch the new ones, or all
objects, if all objects changed.

I am sure this is something which was solved a lot of times before, so
maybe somebody can point me into a direction where to look for, or to
some example code which handles problems like this one?

Thanks in advance

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