On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 14:52, Dee Ayy <dee....@gmail.com> wrote:
> There are 2 separate issues numbered 1) and 2).
> #1 deals with getimagesize operating on definitely existing files
> verified by "ls".
> #2 deals with escaping spaces in the name of the file and using the
> exec command, which an example was given for a different file name
> than in #1.

    It would be helpful to explain that, then, instead of just
throwing out numbered lists with generic information and the command
"Help." thrown in at the bottom.

    Is the script being called located in the same folder as your
command's PWD in the #1 issue?  If it's an include called by a script
in a different directory, it's not the same thing.  Try a full path
instead of the leading dot.  Preferably, if you don't want to use full
paths, and if they're in the same directory as the command you issued,
you'd be using:

    <?php getimagesize(dirname(__FILE__).'/photos/HPR-130-260_HD-3070-1.jpg');

    For issue #2, it could be any number of things: (a) the file
really doesn't exist and the system wasn't lying to you after all; (b)
your code is to blame; (c) you're still in the wrong directory; (d)
you're not giving it the proper cAsE-sEnSiTiViTy; (e) you don't have
the right permissions to execute the command (unlikely, since you
indicate that some did copy); (f) you're running out of disk space;
(g) 'cp' isn't in your path (again unlikely, but all you indicated is
that it failed, so how are we to know?); (h) some other PEBKAC issue;
(i) et cetera.

    (Hint: we need more details, not just, 'Computer broken.  Help.'  ;-P)

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