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> I am using this syntax to check for a valid e-mail address
> list($userName, $mailDomain) = split("@", $buyer_email);
> if (checkdnsrr($mailDomain, "MX")) {
> if no domain is provided ( ie e-mail address is something like “ron” with
> no @ ) the following error is displayed:
> Warning: checkdnsrr() [function.checkdnsrr]: Host and type cannot be empty
> Can I suppress this from displaying so *just* my error message displays?
> Ron

Just add @ before checkdnsrr:

list($userName, $mailDomain) = split("@", $buyer_email);
if (@checkdnsrr($mailDomain, "MX")) {

But you shouldn't use @ as it will make a PITA to find errors in your code
when maintaining it. You should not display Warnings on production too, at
least not for users but instead log those.

Thiago Pojda

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