On 26/11/10 15:54, Richard Quadling wrote:
> On 25 November 2010 21:30, Tom Hendrikx <tom+php....@whyscream.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I noticed that the mail() function in php 5.3.3 on gentoo linux triggers
>> a warning when used. A simple debug script with the contents:
>> <?php
>> // recipient, subject, body
>> mail("s...@example.com", "mail() test", "This is a test");
>> ?>
>> does send mail, but it also raises a warning:
>> Warning: mail(1): failed to open stream: Permission denied in
>> /var/www/www.example.com/htdocs/test-mail/index.php on line 5
>> After some googling [1] and fiddling with permissions, the message
>> disappears when php has write permissions to the file
>> /var/www/www.example.com/htdocs/test-mail/1 , in which it writes the
>> following data:
>> ==8<==
>> mail() on [/var/www/www.example.com/htdocs/test-mail/index.php:5]: To:
>> s...@example.com -- Headers:
>> ==8<==
>> Is this some debug output that someone forgot to remove?
>> When relevant, the sendmail_path used is "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i",
>> which is a regular Postfix sendmail.
>> [1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1906403
>> --
>> Kind regards,
>>        Tom Hendrikx
> Are you logging your emails via the ini setting mail.log? Maybe this
> is the issue.

Erh, actually, yes I am. Documentation of the setting is rather sparse,
but I enabled it some time ago, expecting it to send the data to the
logging facility (syslog in my case), after which I forgot to check if
that actually happens. The current implementation is rather useless (to
me), so I turned it off again.

Thanks for the tip, but I think that this is actually a bug? Current way
of logging is not very useful, since the file '1' is overwritten (in
stead of appended to) with new data at every run of the mail() function.


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