Hello all, my name is Kirk Bailey, and I am new to php, so please be forbearing. I code in python, and am trying to learn this language as our new client runs a web business based in it.

I need a routine that will return a list of every directory immediately under the current directory- but nothing else, just a list of directories, 1 level deep, NO FILES, no listing of current dir or prior dir either.

Now in python, I would use os.walk, and use the list of dirs and throw the other 2 lists away, but this ain't Kansas anymore. Does php even DO lists?

Um, a list is a 1 dimenional array, if have a list ALIST and you plug in 3, you get back the contents of cell 3 in the list, whaqtever that content is. so if cell 3 in a 6 celled list was "Ruby" then ALIST[3] would return the string "ruby".

It's easy to iterate lists. For instance:

   print '<ul>'
   for dir in ALIST:
       print '<li><a href=\"/dir>",dir,'</a>
   print '</ul>

This would let me produce an ordered list of directories, each a link to that directory. This way, when a client installs a new product, the home page area listing products offered automatically updates.

Further embellishment would let me replace the dir name with a BRIEF description from a descriptor file read from that dir. Now how to do this in php?


Very Truly yours,
                - Kirk Bailey,
                  Largo Florida

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