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> Hi gang,
> I am executing a query via PHP that gives me a PHP error:
> You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to 
> your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND 
> m.`Preferred_First_Name` LIKE 'Don' AND m.`Preferred_Last_Name` LIKE 'Wielan' 
> at line 1
> but when I copy the ECHO of the select query and run it in Sequel Pro Query, 
> it returns no error.
> Here is the query:
> select m.* from Members m inner join Member_Years my on m.aucciim_id = 
> my.member_id where now() < DATE_ADD(DATE_SUB(concat(`member_year` + 
> 1,'-07-01'), INTERVAL 1 DAY), INTERVAL 30 DAY) AND m.`Preferred_First_Name` 
> LIKE 'Don' AND m.`Preferred_Last_Name` LIKE 'Wieland' group by m.AUCCIIM_ID 
> order by m.preferred_last_name
> What is causing it to choke via PHP?
> Thanks!
> Don

Try removing the backticks around the table names. If you do use them, then all 
values (field names and table names) need it.

Bastien Koert
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