My issue with the user agent is unresolved.  I need to do more research to see 
how AWSTATS distinguishes between a robot crawling the site and a web page user 
and set the user-agent accordingly.

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From: Shreyas Agasthya 
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 1:35 AM
To: Ron Piggott 
Cc: PHP General List 
Subject: Re: [PHP] Fw: Spoofing user_agent


Can you let us know if this whole thing that you were trying to do worked? I 
see that very few actually bring a thread to a logical conclusion either by 
correcting the members here with the proposed fixes or letting the concerned 
set of people that they were right as rain. We should perhaps make this a 
practice and mandate so that the archives are utilized better. Correct me if I 
am wrong. 


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