From: Chris Knipe

> I've found various sources and are successfully manipulating Active
> Directory from PHP on our Domain Controller - frankly, things works
> better than I expected :)
> I have now reached the point where I need to set permissions on
objects in
> Active Directory, i.e. to restrict read permissions to certain OUs and
> objects within the directory (mainly related to Exchange stuff).
> Is there anything in PHP which can be used to set permissions on AD
> objects?  I haven't found any reference to doing this anywhere, so I
> I'd give it a chance here... If not, then I suppose I'll have to code
> ..NET application to act as a gateway between the PHP interface and
> Directory, but naturally I would like to do as much as possible from
> PHP itself.

I don't know about your IT group, but around here and at any of our
clients, they will never allow anyone outside their office modify access
rights, or add users. It takes a written request by a manager or above
to get them to make any changes, and each request must include the
reasons for the change.

No we cannot use the master LDAP server for testing. We have a couple of
OpenLDAP servers isolated on our test networks for that. But even those
have to be managed directly. No application is allowed to do more than
retrieve data.

Bob McConnell

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