On 12/01/2010 06:50 PM, Bundhoo M Nadim wrote:

Can someone explain me what this piece of code basically does ?

header("Expires: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s", time() + (0*60)) . "GMT");
header("Pragma: no-cache");
print "REDIRECT=http://www.domaine.com/page.php?";;
$param = http_build_query($_POST);
print $param;

Well, the code is redirecting to some page with query string constructed
using the $_POST data.

My problem is not the redirection; but all I want is to get the data in

If I just put only this piece of code:


i get nothing. But the above codes is successfully redirecting me to
page.php with a properly constructed query string -> which means that
$_POST was never empty. So why var_dump($_POST) is returning just
array(0) { } ???

nadim attari

Hello all,

Perhaps I am not being able to explain you my problem correctly (sorry my poor English)

Here is the tests i'm doing:

And you can get the codes here:

I've got these codes from them at SBM. I'm asking myself this question:

Why can't I get the values of $_POST (response.php in the example) but the page is able to http_build_query() using the same $_POST ??

To demonstrate what I am trying to figure out, please try this one also:

Codes: http://www.yulounge.com/_sbm/example2/var_dump.zip

In this example2, only the page response.php has been changed.

Thx in advance,

Nadim Attari

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