hi everyone, my boss wanted me to learn magento last month, This is my
company’s website:http://www.gofavor.com, it made me crazy.
I know this mail list is not focus on magento, but i have posted on the
magento forum and nobody gave me any advice, sorry to interrupt.
Yesterday, I called explode function four times to add some anchors. It’s so
powerful that I can’t understand now.
Now I have a question, It’s about shopping options on the left area.
There are two cases: firstly, if i click one category link on the navigation
bar, the shopping option area will show me a box with price intervals, it
works fine, for example, if i click 100~200$, it will disable other
Now secondly the problem comes, as i input something ( like ‘rings’) in the
quicksearch box, the products list on the right shows fine, but the options
on the left fall in disorder.
Anything about my company's website please contact me , thank you guys.

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