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I have a question which I see from googling has been discussed at length.. but I want to know what you would recommend based on our particular needs. I want to be on the right track before I find out a- week-of-work later that I chose the wrong tool (a tool which works, but whose peculiarity, in the end, would rule it out for our project).

We have a dynamic HTML page that displays 30 "address labels" within the dimensions of one single US-letter-size document. We want the user to be able to print the single letter-sized page and have the content line up perfectly (as it does in the browser) for the Avery address label (printed) sticker paper which they will use to then peel the 30 stickers and affix to physical product. The HTML page is ~ 200k worth of HTML (<div>s and <table>s), text, gifs, jpgs, a barcode PNG graphic, and heavy use of exacting CSS - CSS2 as well as a touch of CSS3 (CSS3 property transform), i.e. this:
/* --- for firefox, safari, chrome, etc. --- */
-webkit-transform: rotate(90deg);
-moz-transform: rotate(90deg);
/* --- for ie --- */
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(rotation=1);

...which I use to rotate (90 degrees) a barcode which I grab off of this site/service:

We could drop that barcode PNG/service only if I could easily replace it with another... and the barcode must be rotated 90 degrees - to thus fit in its tiny (vertically-oriented) alloted slot on each of the 30 "address label cells".

A thread on stackOverflow has people making recommendations all over the map.. as I would expect - our needs and experiences are all over the map.

- I wish we had budget for the server version of PrinceXML ;-) ... but no luck. - I have never used any PHP libraries like FPDF or TCPDF, but am concerned about speed; corporate users (on various browsers) will need the pdf in real time. They may be patient and wait for the final PDF if keep the solution free.. but if it takes minutes to generate, that is a minus point. Also I am not sure how good these are for HTML -> PDF (as opposed to straight PDF from scratch).. plus not sure how good is the CSS support. Our page is a bit of an HTML/CSS kludge. - I have used the command-line tools HTMLDOC and wkpdf, but the former lacked the CSS I need now, and the latter introduces margin that kills it for exact address-label formatting (plus this project is on Linux).

My PHP skills are not super strong yet.. but I am willing to do whatever it takes to pull any solution together. In case you have any familiarity with any PDF generation tools that you feel would fit the need here, then *please advise*!



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