On Mon, 2010-12-06 at 20:29 +0530, Ferdi wrote:
> Greetings List members,
> I have a script that takes quite a while to run, one or two hours, I wish to
> redirect the normal php output to a file on the webserver itself. I don't
> mind if in the process, the browser displays a blank page. The reason I want
> to do this is that if the script crashes or the browser Is closed by
> mistake, I have absolutely no record of where the script stopped running.
> I could use code like below
> At the beginning of the script:
> ob_start();
> At the end of the script:
> $page = ob_get_contents();
> ob_end_flush();
> $fp = fopen("output.html","w");
> fwrite($fp,$page);
> fclose($fp);
> However, I see some problems with this:
> I'm not too sure of the size of the output. It may balloon to over the
> buffering limit (in PHP? Apache?) and then what happens?
> Secondly, if the script crashes before the end, I won't get any output.
> Finally, I am using a library in the script that outputs status and error
> messages of its own. So, if I manually opened a file and used fwrite()
> alongside echo for my messages, I would lose out on those messages.
> Anybody has any pointers on how you could send the output not only to a
> browser, but also to a file on the webserver? If not, at least to a file?
> Thanks and regards,
> Ferdi

Just curious, but if it takes that long to run, why are you running it
from a browser?  why not run it from the commandline, that way you dont
have to change your php.ini for the webserver (increasing the timeout,
memory limits, etc etc... you can change those for the CLI only?

2 hours is a long time to "hope" that the browser doesn't close, or
connectivity doesn't get interupted for even 1 microsecond...

if the script has "breaks" in it, where it starts to do something else,
you can put in an email to yourself, to say "hey, we're HERE now"

but i would look into running it from the CLI over the webserver, you
would be less likely to run into issues on something that takes that
amount of time to run.   

If you needed the output to be displayed on a webpage, you can write the
progress to a file, and then have a php webpage that reads the file, and
using ajax or whatever, refresh the content.

good luck in your script, and if you still run it from the browser, and
need to output to a file, then i would continually be writing content to
that file, every time you do soemthing, or start another part of the
script so you know EXACTLY where you are, at all times... 


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