I have a class that does some massive computations to compute a LOPA
(layout of passenger aircraft).
I currently render it in an HTML table with little seats. I want to now
make this using GD so I can show entire fleets of aircraft on one page.
Inside my LOPA.class.php I have this method:

        public function render_image()
                $my_img = imagecreate( 200, 80 );
                $background = imagecolorallocate( $my_img, 0, 0, 255 );
                $text_colour = imagecolorallocate( $my_img, 255, 255, 0 );
                $line_colour = imagecolorallocate( $my_img, 128, 255, 0 );
                imagestring( $my_img, 4, 30, 25, "Test Image", $text_colour
                imagesetthickness ( $my_img, 5 );
                imageline( $my_img, 30, 45, 165, 45, $line_colour );

                header( "Content-type: image/png" );
                header('Content-Length: ' . strlen($my_img));
                imagepng( $my_img );

                imagecolordeallocate( $line_color );
                imagecolordeallocate( $text_color );
                imagecolordeallocate( $background );
                imagedestroy( $my_img );

And I'm trying to call it from a PHP page like so:

<img src="<?php $my_lopa->render_image(); ?>" alt="Image created by a PHP
script" width="200" height="80">

But it doesn't show the picture. :\

If I take the contents of that function and dump it into a "gdtest.php"
file and call it like this however, it does work:

<img src="images/gdtest.php" alt="Image created by a PHP script"
width="200" height="80">

So what am I doing wrong above that I can't just call it from my class?

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