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> > If you value CPU time over developer time, by all means avoid ORM
> > frameworks (and *all* frameworks). The point of a common 
> framework is to
> > trade a small bit of performance for a large amount of 
> developer time. If
> > you will only use the framework once, the payoff will be 
> much less. The
> > goal is to choose frameworks that you can leverage again and again.

I disagree. If you use a framework, then you're stuck with it. Bugs and all
(and trust me there are bugs and limitations you WILL run into). If it's
your code, you can fix it. If it's someone elses' you have to submit a bug
report and HOPE they fix it. If they don't you are now forced with either
patching every new release or working around it.

> > As for training, you will be able to hire another developer 
> that knows Doctrine.

Doubtful. It's hard enough to find skilled PHP developers as it is.

Everyone and their mother THINKS they're a LAMP guy. Test them. You quikly
find out that buzzwords on a paper resume are not the same as a real

> > It will be impossible to find a developer *anywhere* that
> > understands your home-grown framework without training. 

That's just it. DO NOT make a "framework". Make some helper routines for
common tasks like sql_query(), sql_insert(), sql_update(),
sql_select_box(), etc. and stick to the "basics".

Frameworks are a waste of time and energy -- homegrown or off-the-shelf.
They try to be all things to all people and turn into a "jack of trades,
master of none". They're bloated and cumbersome and force you to wedge
square pegs into round holes all the time.

> > Nor will you get
> > help with bugs in your framework or be able to discuss 
> > better ways to use it on forums.

That's what your employees, team-mates, customers, testers, etc. are for...

If you're making "JoeBlowsRinkyDink.com" then go for the framework if you
want to play with it for the massochistic experience and to learn your
lesson the hard way. But don't use it for paying customers and certainly
don't use it in an enterprise level -- it will be the death nail to your
project ultimately.

Use PHP the way God intended it to be used.

I leave you with this old Poll I posted:

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