From: Adam Richardson

> As one point of curiosity, I'm wondering when a function or group of
> functions is, in your eyes, deemed a library.  I tend to use the
> approach to identifying a library ("I know it when I see it"), but I'm
> there's a more formal analysis.  For some, maybe it's as simple as
> developer calls this a library." :)

As soon as you bundle a set of functions into a separate package that
can be shared between projects, developers or teams, you have a library.
I believe this is true even if there is only a single function in the
bundle. Some libraries are quite extensive, and may even include a
complete framework. But the distinction is the bundling that makes them
independent of any specific project.

> I'm also curious if some of the custom "libraries" people have built
> into the category of framework using the definitions above.  C'mon,
you can
> 'fess up, there aren't that many people listening :)

Yes, I would accept that some frameworks are distributed as libraries.
The distinction is where do you start? A library of functions can be
added to your application as you go along. But a framework pretty much
has to be the starting point for a project. When you use Drupal, you
start by setting up a Drupal server. Then you add your own pages or
maybe a custom module. The same goes for most of the other frameworks.
You start with the framework and develop your application within it.

Bob McConnell

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