I get a 30 timeout on the line indicated when executing this code
and can't figure it out. Does anyone know why? Thanks.
Jeff Oien


if ($missing == "1") {

echo "
        <body bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\" text=\"#000000\" link=\"#0000ff\" vlink=\"#660099\">

        Required information was missing:

        $z = "1";

        while ($z <= "$Number_Children") {
>>error>        if (${"element2$z"} == "select") {
                echo "<li>Please make a selection for Child $z</li>";
                if ((${"year$z"}).(${"month$z"}).(${"day$z"}) >= 20000401 &&
(${"year$z"}).(${"month$z"}).(${"day$z"}) >= 19980902) {
                if (${"coopmonth$z"} == "select") {
                echo "<li>Please select coop month to serve for Child $z</li>";
        echo "
        Please use your <a href=\"javascript:history.go(-1);\">Back button</a> and try 
(please do <b>not</b> Reload or Refresh your browser)

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