Nice one Dan, and thanks! :)

Daniel Brown wrote:
    Happy Saturday, folks;

    I've finally gotten around to releasing my latest PHP extension
(which was actually written about two years ago).  Named FileConv, it
adds native functions for converting back and forth between DOS, *NIX,
and legacy MacOS file formats.  It's compact, comes with a basic
installer, and can convert a 1MB text file to/from any of the included
formats in approximately one-tenth of one second.  Unlike many
versions that you could otherwise use from the command line, this
library allows the file to retain its original timestamps, as well.

    I ran through some recursive directories of files with a test
script, determining which files were text versus which were binary,
detected the formatting of the text files, and converted to a
different format at random (if Mac, go to DOS/*NIX, if *NIX, go to
Mac/DOS, etc.).  Approximately 1.5GB of files were scanned, detected,
and translated, with a cost of 1 minute 24 seconds.

    You can read more about the library and download it yourself at .  After doing some code cleanup when I
have time, the next step will be continuing with the process of
getting it into PECL, as was initially planned two years ago.

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