Background (some of these facts may be well-known, and for that I apologize):
I'm running CentOS 5.5 on all servers, which only supports PHP 5.1.6
CentOS 5.5 is based off RHEL 5.5
Redhat has released RHEL 6 which supports PHP 5.3
CentOS has not released even a beta 6 version yet that supports PHP 5.2+

I was having a discussion with my bosses about what PHP release we are running on our systems. We have a few applications and packages that require and/or will work better with PHP 5.2+. I understand that no matter what Linux distribution I have, I can always download the source, compile, and install manually. My question is, when The PHP Group develops, compiles, and tests PHP for a release, what distribution(s) and versions do they use? And of those, which distribution is the most commonly used throughout the development team? What Internet references are there, if any, that show the major and/or minor Linux distributions that support which version of PHP?

FTR, I couldn't find an answer to these questions by Googling or in the 
php-general archives.

Dan Schaefer
Web Developer/Systems Analyst
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