On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 09:19, Nicholas Kell <n...@monkeyknight.com> wrote:
> Couldn't we just have a reply-to address for the list in the header of the 
> email? So all a fella had to do was hit reply, and it would work?

    The easiest (and most accurate) answer: no.

> This is how the Apache and the MySQL list works. The PHP list is the only 
> list that I have to manually edit my reply every time.

    Actually, MySQL does not work that way.  And it's been several
years since I posted to any of the Apache lists, but I do seem to
remember that being the case there.  It was annoying.  It's so much
more intuitive to know that hitting "Reply" goes to the individual,
whereas "Reply-All" will, as the option suggests, reply to all.

> For example, I hit reply all on this message, it is now replying to Daniel, 
> and CC'ing Sam and the php-general.

    Correct.... but what's the problem?  We're all only receiving one
copy of the email, I'm sure.  We've done it this way from the
beginning, and have no intention of changing it.

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