I have a question regarding arrays and the way I can use a value.

Let's say I have this string:

$s = 'banana,apple,mellon,grape,nut,orange'

I want to explode it, and get the third value. For this I would normally

$a = explode(',', $s);
echo $s[2];

That's all fine, but is there a way to get the value directly, without
having to write another line in my script. I mean something like this:

echo explode(',', $s)[2];


echo {explode(',', $s)}[2];

I couldn't find out this answer anywhere, that's why I posted here.

Because the array is not formed until after the explode you cannot do it
with one command, but you could place 2 commands on one line :)

$a = explode(',', $s); echo $a[2];

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