The "name" and "id" attributes do not have to be the same.

Thank you, I thought it should be the same

You're probably thinking of:

"The id and name attributes share the same name space. This means that
they cannot both define an anchor with the same name in the same
document. It is permissible to use both attributes to specify an
element's unique identifier for the following elements: A, APPLET,
FORM, FRAME, IFRAME, IMG, and MAP. When both attributes are used on a
single element, their values must be identical."

Confusing, the "name" attribute on a form field ("input", "textarea",
"select", etc) is different to the "name" attribute on a "a" or "form"
element, so this rule does not apply to it.

Thank you, Benjamin, for clarification. This sounds like the source of my (bogus) feeling.


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