I've fixed the problem.
I don't know why, but suddenly windows prevents PHP from writing into 
C:\windows\temp directory.
Moving the session and log files to another directory solved the problem.
Until few days ago it worked. I've now to discovered what was changed in 
windows configuration.

""Walter Caielli"" <walter.caie...@ars21.net> ha scritto nel messaggio 
> I'm facing the following basic problem:
> I have made two simple sample files to explain it:
> 1st file:
> <?php
>   session_start();
>    $_SESSION['SS_user'] = "user000";
>   echo $_SESSION['SS_user'];
>   echo SID;
>   echo "<br>".session_id();
>   echo '<br /><a href="home.php">page 1</a>';
> ?>
> 2nd file
> <?php
>       session_start();
>       echo "file Home<br>";
>       echo session_name().'+'.session_id();
>       echo $_SESSION['SS_user'];
> ?>
> $_SESSION seems to be empty. Nothing is print. Session Name and session ID 
> are the same but it seems that $_SESSION is not shared across the two 
> files. No HTML is made before sessioni_start().
> Why?
> I'm using PHP 5.3.4 on IIS, windows XP SP3. Tested as localhost or from 
> another PC inside a LAN.
> Many thanks
> Walter

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