Hi, folks,
good morning !

Since I'm a newbie with respect of sessions & cookies
I'm quite lost here getting always a warning when
calling session_start();

I developed and tested some php code using a session
to pass some values betwen different scripts on my
local machine.  All went O.K.

But when I transferred the code to my provider's
server where my website is hosted, I constantly get
this warning when calling session_start():

   Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]:
   Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already
   sent (output started at /...../sess.php:3) in
   /...../sess.php on line 5

In line 5 is session_start();
I dotted-out the path prefices in this warning.

Lines 1-5 of my script "sess.php" are as follows:

1 <!-- ---- PHP CODE ------------------------- ->
3 <?php
5  session_start ();

In my browser (firefox) I've enabled cookies.

There were some differences between my local machine
and my provider's server in respect to session related
PHP flags/variables.  I adapted those by adding
following lines in .htaccess on the webserver:

php_flag session.bug_compat_42 off    # Was On
php_value session.bug_compat_42 off   # Was On

php_flag session.cookie_httponly on   # Was off
php_value session.cookie_httponly on  # Was off

php_flag session.use_only_cookies On  # Was off
php_value session.use_only_cookies On # Was off

Can anybody give me some hints for resolving this
issue and/or pointers where to dig further ?!?

Thanks in advance !

Dipl.phys. Rudolf Otto Bl├Ąttner,
D 91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany.

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