Hi all,

I am trying to make the link in this code not show the underscore and I can't 
figure out how I could do it. I've tried various different things I thought 
would work. I've tried things like "lawn_maintenance"=> "lawn maintenance", I 
tried concatinating "lawn" . "maintenance" and various other things. The 
examples above both produce just the word "lawn"

 here's the code I have so far:

$services = array(lawn_maintenance, core_areation, over_seeding, 
hedge_trimming, mulch_installation, natural_debris_removal, 
leaf_cleanup_removal, snow_plowing);

foreach ($services as $service){

echo "<ul><li>&raquo; <a href=index.php?page=$service>$service</a></li></ul>";

Could anyone give me a hand? Obviously I don't understand arrays very well :-/

David M.

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