On 29 December 2010 17:24, Steve Staples <sstap...@mnsi.net> wrote:
> I can create the PDF's no problem, it is just how to send the created
> pdf to the printer to print (it is a label printer, printing 3x5 labels)

What type of printer? Some printers require their own language and
won't have any sort of PS, PCL, Esc/2 or GDI support.

I've worked with industrial printers which take strings of plain text
to do page layout/description. You load template layouts into the
printer and can use them.

Completely useless under normal circumstances.

If the printer is something like an Epson TM-L90 (thermal label
printer with barcode support), then sending it a PDF isn't possible as
it doesn't have PS support. It is much easier to send it the string of
codes to have the barcode generated within the label.

On Windows, the drivers deal with all of this stuff. I've no idea on Unix.

The exact model of the printer would help.

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