What has any of this got to do with PHP!!!

If the moderator is reading this can they please out a stop to it at
once, as it appears to have got way out of control.

Thanks and a Happy New year to one and all

On 29/12/10 16:38, Omega -1911 wrote:
Etiquette went out the window a while ago. As Rambo said, "He drew
first blood..." If you could not PROVE ME WRONG, you could have kept
your mouth shut. You jumped in head first. And you have YET to prove
me wrong. Then to throw off the subject, you resort to telling the
world who you believe I am... That's what kids do as a last resort.
Now take your ball and run home. First, COULD YOU PLEASE PROVE ME
WRONG? You have open doors and windows (if you know what I mean...)


On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 6:29 PM, Daniel P. Brown
<daniel.br...@parasane.net>  wrote:
On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 18:20, Omega -1911<1911...@gmail.com>  wrote:
AHHH... Searching by by an email is REALLY what you call hacking? Oh
wait, you said that with all your knowledge in forensics you can find
people all over the world. Thank God for Go0GlE.

    Please don't top-post.

    Never said I was "hacking."  And yes, I did see that infinite
redirect-loop you call a website (well, multiple, since they all
direct there).  And again, yes, I used Google (among other things).
However, for the rest of your statement (which you didn't even quote
properly), you're confusing two different jobs.

    Anyway, you were the one who claimed I said your email was a lie.
Go back a few messages and you'll see I never even insinuated that at
all.  I meant your attempt to show your conspiracy-theory-driven
opinion as fact was silly.  The rest of it may well have been valid,
but - my apologies - I just honestly couldn't bear to keep reading it.

    If you're otherwise unconvinced that I had no intent on any kind
of arguments or personal attacks, or if you'd like to continue with
your agenda, please shoot me an email off-list, where it belongs.
Even worse than anything else so far would be the two of us clogging
up everyone else's inbox.

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