Pretty sad day when you have to apologise for being a human on an open list to which you've contributed heavily for many many years.

apology not accepted from me Dan, you've nothing to apologise for, and anybody who doesn't like to read a bit of banter between people on a list can just avert their eyes - it was hardly 4chan grade trolling!

Best & happy new year to you,


Daniel Brown wrote:
    First, I have to admit that what I did was wrong.  I had assumed
(ASS-umed) that the other party in a discussion under a different
thread would understand and appreciate the irony of my email in reply
to his inappropriate message.  Those of you who were barraged with the
fallout know what I mean.  Unfortunately, it was not well-received by
the other person, which led to even further flaming and trolling.
While I had tried both on- and off-list to urge the other party to
move the discussion from the public forum to a private, one-on-one
conversation, it was ignored and actually seemed to exacerbate the
situation.  For my part in that, I just wanted to send my general
apologies to those bombarded with an unnecessary and somewhat
illogical series of emails.  If being married has taught me anything,
it's that it's better to just apologize and move on, regardless of
who's right or wrong.  And if being married has taught me anything
else, it's that, at least in this house, I'm always wrong.  So....
sorry for the unnecessary banter.

    Moving on, those of you who have been on the list for several
years may recall when I was running the ListWatch and PostTrack
system, which would send a weekly summary of the list's activities at
the time.  Before stopping it (it was on a server that burned out, and
I just never put it back online), I had added a topic tracker as well,
which would give the percentage of activity for a given topic, as well
as the ratio of its discussion versus all messages to the list.
Several people have asked if/when it would be coming back online, so
I'm contemplating bringing it back beginning with the first week of
January (next week).  Does anyone have any thoughts on that, or any
ideas for other interesting metrics they'd like to see?  I'm
particularly interested in the opinions of folks who recall the old
system, but any opinions and ideas are more than welcome.

    If you'd rather send it to me directly instead of on the list, feel free.

    Happy early New Year, all.

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