Hi folks,

With the recent thread about password & security, I wrote a small quick
script to generate a random or all possible passwords based on certain
parameters for a brute force use.  On a very long running execution for a
complex password in length with full use of the keys (94 characters),
including upper case, the script seems to consumes more memory (shown in
Windows task manager) as time progress.  Below are snippets from the script
file that does the workload:

while (!$this->isMax())
        for ($b = 0; $b <= $this->pwdLength; $b++)
                if ($this->counter[$b] < $this->max)
                        $this->pwd[$b] =
                        $this->counter[$b] = 1;
                        $this->pwd[$b] = $this->charList[0];

private function isMax()
        for ($a = $this->pwdLength-1; $a>=0; $a--)
                if ($this->counter[$a] < $this->max) return false;
        return true;

Could someone please tell me why the above code consumes additional memory
as time progress for the execution of the while loop?  Researching PHP GC on
google didn't shed light on problem.  Generating all possible combinations
for 20 length with 94 possibilities each, the script easily consumes more
than 1GB RAM in few minutes.  BTW, gc_enabled() reports on.


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