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Sorry for top-post, on phone.

What about mobile phone numbers (cell phones you call them in the US) do they conform to the same format? I know there have been times myself when I've been without a landline number leaving me with only my mobile as a means of contact.


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At 07:11 AM 12/31/2010, Nathan Rixham wrote:
>Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
>>FYI [to all the list] -- I thank all for their input.  I only
>>needed US phones, and I am forcing the user of the form to conform
>>to xxx-xxx-xxxx as the input format.
>out of interest, why are you forcing you're users to conform to that
>input format? you could simply strip all non-numeric chars then
>format how you like to save, thus giving users a looser, more
>friendly, experience.
Nathan -

This expression will be used to search a database which will contain
patient data resulting from medical research.  At the initial visit a
medical record number will be assigned to the patient.  Other
information will be collected at that point; eg,  the telephone
number. At subsequent visits, the patient will be referenced by
his/hers medical record number.  If the patient either forgot their
clinic card, or cannot remember their medical record number, a search
will be performed.  One of the many parameters that can be used in
the search is the phone number. It is easier if all the data has a
fixed format.  The form for  the initial visit will use a regex that
will validate the phone number. As  the research will be performed in
the US, only US numbers have to be validated.

Hope this helps.


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Ash -

In contrast to some non-US phone numbers, all the numbers here [cell and landline] have the same format.


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