Would you please look at the code you wrote again. I must have botched it, because both the age and kitten form still are on the same page. The age page should appear, the data should be accepted and then the kitten page should appear.


Hi Ethan,

I don't mean to get in between you and Jim (or anyone else here). You want your page to just work.. and Jim offered you a working solution.. nice!

But my suggestion is to drop that task for a day.. *totally start over* .. SUPER simple.. See if you can make a *tiny* form appear on a page and then when submitted show the next form.. etc.. just as you need the flow to go. Learn the concepts and logic structures involved to make that happen. If you focus on just this one thing then you will get it without too much more trouble.. and then you will OWN it and be able to apply it to your real production task. If you get stuck while writing your SIMPLE strung-together test forms, then ask about where you are stuck; what is it exactly that you do not understand. Just saying, effectively, "It does not work" shows you are over your head and need to back up and break down the problem into smaller parts. Don't worry, the smaller parts will prove to be easy, once actually seen for what they are! My PHP familiarity is not even 20% of what Jim and others here have, but I can and certainly will help you reach working code, so I guarantee you'll have help, if you start from the beginning. I'll be here all day today, and back on monday... to answer your posts.


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