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> A slightly more complex problem than phone numbers ...
> It is a sort of convention to use the format 'JohnDoeSMITH' or 'John Doe 
> where each forename starts with a capital and the surname is in upper case. I 
> have a crude method of scanning for the capitals and splitting this to give 
> me 
> an array of name segments with [0] as the Surname and a variable number of 
> Forenames, but is there an 'elegant' way via regex to extract this into an 
> array?
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I wouldn't try and do this with a regex, it would just become too
complicated. What about people with no middle name, or multiple middle
names? How do you deal with double-barrelled names like John
Walter-Smythe Doe? You would be far better off using multiple input
boxes for this sort of thing, and then format it as required when
outputting the data.


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