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Can you not just code it like you normally would any app that doesn't use a 
framework? I've been writing some cli data importers at work. Basic really, 
with only classes used that I need, no framework needed (its very simple) and 
all the output is just echo statements with new lines rather than <br> tags.

getopt() is your friend for command line arguments, but not all windows systems 
will support it, although Linux is fine.


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Hi folks.  I have a project coming up that will involve writing a 
non-trivial command line PHP application.  Most of it will be nice and 
abstracted and standalone and all of that jazz, but it will need to do 
command line interation.  I'm not sure yet if it will be interactive or 
if I just need to parse lots of command line switches.

Has anyone used a CLI-handling library they like?  I recall briefly 
using the PEAR CLI library many many years ago and disliking it because 
it was only barely a step above the raw PHP-CLI SAPI, and still required 
lots of if-else branching in my code.  I don't know if there's anything 
better since then, however.  I prefer clean OO to procedural, but can 
work with procedural if needs be.  The fewer dependencies it has the 
better as well.

Any recommendations?

(Open source, GPLv2-compatible required.)

--Larry Garfield

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