Like any other job, have a portfolio to show your skills. Most people
who are posting on craigslist will be stunned by just about any work,
but it helps in case you happen to get an educated contact who wants
to see what you've done. Some references may also be helpful.

1) There's no right or wrong about this. If you have no references,
then don't ask for something up front because that would set off
alarms in anyone's head.

2) Once the cat is out of the bag, its out of the bag. If you send
them the code and they don't pay you, your option is to go after them
in court. 99.9% it's not worth the time. You could also call in a
criminal complaint for theft, but it'd be tough to make it stick. Call
it a wash and move on. It sucks, I know. If you keep in a back door or
somehow break it, depending where you are, it falls squarely into the
realm of computer crimes.

3) How much is your time worth? It's a really difficult question. Look
around. Call up some of the competition with bogus projects and see
what they'd charge, and then what they'd deliver. Will you be offering
"more" or "less" than what they do? Gauge accordingly. Also it could
vary based on the customer. Whenever I do consulting work I always
make it a habit not to charge nonprofits. I get a feelgood out of it,
and some nice tax write offs.

4) Learn basic finances. Keep organized. Track everything. And most of
all, have fun.

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 10:33 AM, Ethan Rosenberg <> wrote:
> Dear List -
> I am a NEWBIE, so .....
> How do I handle Craigslist postings? Is there anything special I should do?
>  Any advice for other web sites?
> At this point I am talking about small jobs.
> 1] My payment.  Should I ask for something up front?  If so how much?
> 2] How do I protect myself so that I do not deliver code and not get paid.
> 3] What is a reasonable hourly rate?
> 4] Any other information that I should know?
> Many thanks.
> Ethan
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