Hi Frederik

Run this code. It does what you want it to.
In your original code you compared two strings in the IF-statement.
When the $resolution gotten from your JavaScript returned '800' it would
have a lexical higher value than '1024' and thereby do exacely what
you wanted it to - actually the code would always return \1024\ since
your screen resolution would never return a string with a lexical
lower value than '1024'.

By multiplying the string '1024' by 1 you get the integervalue 1024
(that's a trick PHP offers ;) ) which you then compare to the
integervalue 1024.

That's the trick....

$resolution = "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=\"JavaScript\">document.write(screen.width)</SCRIPT>";
echo "--".$resolution."--";
if (($resolution*1) >= 1024) {
  $resolution = "1024";
} else {
  $resolution = "800";
echo "**".$resolution."**";

Venlig hilsen ha' en bra dag,
    Morten Winkler

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