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> I'd like to make a suggestion for a change, or possibly an addition, to the 
> PHP language.
> I'm learning PHP and have been very excited with what it can do in relation 
> to HTML.  But when I got to the part about arrays, I was disappointed to see 
> that they are designated with a $ the same as other variables.  I was 
> learning Perl before I switched, and it uses the @ sign to designate an 
> array.  That makes it a lot simpler to see at a glance what is an array and 
> what isn't - at least for beginners like me.
> Has there been any talk of adopting the @ sign for arrays in PHP?  Or is that 
> symbol used for something else that I haven't read about yet?

    The @ is an error control operator, used to buffer the output and
store it in a variable - $php_errormsg.  There's no way that would be
changed to become an array designator (though that doesn't mean your
idea itself is a bad one).

> What is the proper channel for making suggestions like this?

    Usually on the Internals mailing list (intern...@lists.php.net) or
as a Feature Request in the bug tracker (http://bugs.php.net/).

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