I have circumstances which cause me to investigate get strings and such, and wish to start a thread discussing such matters. This relates to a cluster of functions iin php such as public array HttpQueryString::toArray ( void ) and it's bretherin and sisterin and otherin.

Being new to php, come here of the snake charming schhuol of python, I find there are rather interesting properties to h ow you get things done in this big tent.
SO; presume I want to send a querym, where there is a format:

we need to extract the string, bust it up, toss everything into a structure with data keyed with keywords, and march on. (I would have called that structure a dictionary, but that's under a different tent with the snake charmers).

I need to come up to speed with GET method and closely relating functions in php, Let's discuss this, and are there any good links to offer on the subject to pages of much interest and clue? Clue glue is in generous supply, but the feathers themselves are pretty scarce, snakes not having any.

Your turn! :-D


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