Hi there,

i'm currently working on a socket project. It consists of two scripts.
The first script (socket1.php) creates a socket on a specified port
and waits for a client to connect. If a client connects, they exchange
some informations, including a random created port. Next, the first
script calls the second script (socket2.php) with the just created
port number as a parameter.

Now here is the problem:
it all works fine, but the client can't send a quit message to socket1
because socket1.php waits until socket2.php is finished. socket2.php
is working properly, and if i connect to the new socket and quit the
connection, socket1 is working again. All i need socket1 to do is to
continue working independant of socket2.

I tried everything, from shell_exec to pcntl_exec, nothing seems to work.


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