At 11:23 AM +0530 1/15/11, Nilesh Govindarajan wrote:
On 01/15/2011 06:21 AM, Mesut GULNAZ wrote:
is it possible to see which php file(s) is/are sending emails on my server
by php.ini or with any other way?

coz i have a server and i have many domains and subdomains. on my smtp
systems i saw that many random mails are being sent from www server which
has RELAY permission. I know i must not give RELAY (i can use SMTP-AUTH) but
some kind of issues i have to give it.

so i have to find the domain or subdomain and the file or files which send
this emails.

how can i solve this issue?

my system ise freebsd.


grep -l mail $(find -name *.php)
There can be nothing more simpler than this!!!
Seriously man, you need to revise your sysadmin skills!

Nilesh Govindarajan

Hey count me in that ignorant group.

My sysadmin skills must really suck because I would not have thought of that. Instead, I would have used my editor to look globally for "mail" appearing in my code. But I'm pretty simple.




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