On Sunday, January 16, 2011 10:09:03 am Kirk Bailey wrote:
> So, in php, I want a program to handle sending out a mail list. All this
> is going to do is be a filter to exclude non subscribers, and send a
> copy to every person in the subscriber file. This is pretty simple in
> python, but this is not my mother tounge we speak here, so let's talk in
> php instead.
> If the submission does not come from a member, the script simply aborts.
> So the script should read the subscriber file, and if the source From:
> does not appear there, DIE. If it is there, walk the array and send a
> copy there, then end.
> Now how to do this in php? Is there an off the shelf solution?

Have you tried Majordomo? 

David M.

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