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> > > According to the manual, you can only get closest value of your
> > > desired color by letting the ImageColorClosest() find it. Therefore,
> > > if the image is totally black, you can not get the yellow color. I
> > > have not found a way to do this though I believe I have tried
> > > everything. And yet, I have not found any documents covering this
> > > other than PHP-manual.

I didn't get this from reading the manual, but I struggled with
this problem for days and finally gave up.  I posted to some
other forums when this one was done and found no answers.

Now, I know it isn't just me and I know what the problem is, but
I still don't know a solution.

I am creating an image on the fly and I have no problem if I am
just using a background color and adding text to it or if I use
ImageCreateFromPNG, but if I use ImageCreateFromJPEG and try to
add text on top of that or even a rectangle or anything on top,
it seems to ignore the color that I specify and always came out
grey. (Of course now if I use ImageColorClosest(), some colors
work because they are in my image.)

It doesn't matter what I output it as, only what I read it in as.

And if I read it in as a png, the image quality is horrible which
I also don't understand. It seems to have drastically reduced the
number of colors used.

My phphinfo says GD version 1.6.2 or higher I'm using PHP Version

Here is my test page.

Here is the source for the graphic

Any idea on how solutions?


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