I made a search in ldap.
I got one entrie.

How do i list the email for that entry? Ill get one answer from this, now i want to 
print out the email adress for that entry.
How do i do that?



echo "<h3>LDAP query test</h3>";
echo "Connecting ...";

$dn = "o=Company, c=SV";
$justthese = array( "ou", "sn", "givenname", "mail");

$sr=ldap_search($ds, $dn, $filter, $justthese);

$info = ldap_get_entries($ds, $sr);

print $info["count"]." entries returned<p>";


Johan Vikerskog
Technician - CAE Tools Support
Research & Technology Development
Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
Mobile Phones & Terminals       Telephone: +46 46 19 33 38
Nya Vattentornet                        Telefax:        +46 46 19 32 36 
SE-221 83 Lund, Sweden          

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