Daniel Brown wrote:
On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 12:49, Donovan Brooke<li...@euca.us>  wrote:

I warned the list that I may have questions! ;-)

...building a simple cookie-based log-in system, and have
narrowed an error to this below: (sorry for email line breaks, if any)

if ($_post['f_action']=='login') {

     $_POST is cAsE-SeNsItIvE, like all variables.

  // connect to database (custom function)
  $r = dbconnect();

     Did you define this function?

Hi Daniel, good point (that I'm sure I would have caught ;-) ) about
the $_POST... and yes, dbconnect(); is defined.

Looks like it was the array indices syntax that was the culprit.

Also for others, yes, I'll be adding the var cleaning and checkers.

Thanks again.


D Brooke

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