>> Actually, I'm the customer! But assuming that a customer exists, that
>> implies compensation, and therefore fair bait.
> Then that's different altogether. you get to decide what information
> is displayed, and what information is 'sensed', and on what platform.

Yes, but before I get to that stage (relatively easy today with high
level languages such as PHP or C#) I need to decide how to organise
the data.

> What do you want to sense and what do you want to display(not to say
> I'm an expert, but I like to think in CS)?

The application will pull calendar records by category: entertainment,
food, gov, transportation, etc. The idea is that the user could query
for, say, postal offices open after 17:00 on Thursday, or films
between 20:00 and 22:00 on Monday, or buses leaving Amsterdam to
Rotterdam on Monday morning.

By the way, I figured out what the "troll" issue was. I was confusing
your signature for the body of the post. It was familiar, too, so I
thought that it may have been a troll post on /. or such. It turns out
that I had seen it on the Python-tutor list, and their I also mistook
it for a troll as the length of the sig far outweighs the length of
your typically concise and to-the-point post. Constructive advice:
trim the sig!


Dotan Cohen


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