On Jan 21, 2011, at 7:52 PM, Ron Piggott wrote:

> Would someone write me a syntax so all the web site addresses in $data turn 
> into links
> $data = “Visit our web site http://www.site.com, http://www.secondsite.org 
> and http://www.thirdsite.info.”;
> My desired results for what I am asking for help turn $data into:
> $output =“Visit our web site <a 
> href=”http://www.site.com”>http://www.site.com</a>, <a 
> href=”http://www.secondsite.org”>http://www.secondsite.org</a> and <a 
> href=”http://www.thirdsite.info”>http://www.thirdsite.info</a>.”;
> Please make provision for .net web sites as well.
> Ron

I would check for url regex patterns and build a solution off of that.


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