Paul S wrote:

> On Sun, 23 Jan 2011 12:40:25 +0700, David Robley <>
> wrote:
>> Paul S wrote:
>>> I'm a little new to PHP.
> David starts:
>> Nobody seems to have mentioned it, but the SMTP info is only needed on a
>> Win
>> system. The following is an extract from a default php.ini file:
> Well, I have just RTF mail() Manual and you are ABSOLUTELY correct SMTP
> info is not needed for PHP mail(). SORRY for that confusion.
> Where my confusion started, I guess, and why I was trying to get
> confirmation of the SMTP server name
> and try mail() at the same time was the mention of both in a "SMTP" option
> in the default php config.php
> file for the email list program that I am trying to get running, as
> follows ...
> <begin quote># If you want to use the PHPMailer class from
>, set the following
> # to 1. If you tend to send out html emails, it is recommended to do so.
> define("PHPMAILER",1);
> # To use a SMTP please give your server hostname here, leave it blank to
> use the standard
> # PHP mail() command.
> define("PHPMAILERHOST",'');"<end quote>

This gives you the option to use mail() (not SMTP) on the localhost - i.e
the server where the script is running, probably your ISP or hosting


to set the MAILERHOST to an external mail server using SMTP, maybe gmail,
yahoo mail, the mail provided by your ISP

> I'm still confused! :-( I can't even put my confusion into words hahahaha.
> Is it SMTP server that uses sendmail or sendmail uses an SMTP server???

Not going there if you are as fresh to the Internet as your question
suggests :-)
> PHPMAILER doesn't need an SMTP server name?
> OK, I've just googled PHPMAILERHOST and see "confusing" a few times. I
> will follow it from here for now.
>> mail() should be functional; if mail() is returning true then your next
>> step
>> in the debug process would be to check the mail logs, if they are
>> accessible to you.
> Well, I am glad you agree!
> no access that I know of.
> No telnet.
> and
> no helpful replies from the staff, ever
> and
> No PHPINFO and no echo of even what Apache server version I am using (see
> blocked info in my post above)
> RANT: I could put just this whole project aside by just using an old v.
> simple emaillist program that uses mail().! I'm about to give up here.
>> On the other hand, using an SMTP class will give you a bit more
>> functionality.
> I'll check SMTP classes out. Thank you.

phpMailer is an SMTP class :-) See also swiftmail, and probably quite a few
others. Generally they will handle both sending mail from the localhost -
where the script is, mail() - or a remote SMTP host.

David Robley

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