Hi all,

I have to perform a mysql query in a table with millions of records.
I've full-text indexed my search field and I'm searching with MATCH AGAINST.
But there is a problem. In this field there are company names that contain dots, for istance I've "PO.SE. srl" and I want to find it if the user search for: "POSE" or "PO.SE" or "P.O.S.E." etc. I googled in the web but I don't find any solution. I don't want to add a new field with the cleaned version of my string because I would like to solve with the query and I prefer that the mysql table not become too big. But if I will not find a different solution, I will use this escamotage. I've find a post that is similar but the solution don't seem to solve my situation.
You can see it at the url:
In my case replace(email, '.', '') = replace(theSearchValue, '.', '');
is indifferent and don't change my results.

My query, searching "POSE", is:

select aziende.* from aziende where 1>0 AND (MATCH(aziende.ragione_sociale) AGAINST('+POSE' IN BOOLEAN MODE) OR (replace(aziende.ragione_sociale, '.', '') = replace('POSE', '.', '')) order by aziende.ragione_sociale limit 0, 10

The alternative choice could be REGEXP but I've red that it make my query slow in a table of millions of records and I don't know how to exclude dots in the regular expression.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Barbara Picci
Micro srl
viale Marconi 222, 09131 Cagliari  - tel. (+39) 070400240

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