Thanks for your comments, Miles.  To answer your question(s), I'll not be
wanting to select multiple categories in anything other than the
administration section.  The main search form has the categories listed, and
the user only has the option to select from one category.

The reason I need to be able to give an entry multiple category listings is
The Snail and Lettuce is a pub / restaurant.  The categories list contains a
listing, pub, restaurant.  So the user can choose from either pub or
restaurant when performing a search, but the entry must be displayed in
searches for both pub and restaurant.... Does that makes sense?

Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way....  Sleep deprivation does funny
things to the mind :)


> All this brings me to the question I should have asked up front. How often
> will you want to select multiple categories, and will it be done by range
> (>2 , <=3) or individual items ( 1 and 5 and 7 )?

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