I personally like scope static fucntion. Coming from C# it just makes more sense to me.


On 28/01/2011 12:15, Colin Guthrie wrote:
OK, so it's a Friday hence a random debate....

What is preferred for class methods?

class foo
  static public function bar(){}

  public static function wibble(){}


All methods are valid, but are some more valid than others? :p

Checking ZF:

[colin@jimmy Zend (working)]$ cgrep "public static function" . |wc -l
[colin@jimmy Zend (working)]$ cgrep "static public function" . |wc -l

It's clear which is preferred there, but still not absolutely consistent
(I didn't bother checking differently scoped methods).

I personally prefer scope first then "static", but others may have valid
reasons/arguments for preferring the other way.



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