On 1/28/2011 9:57 AM, AmirBehzad Eslami wrote:
> Dear list,
> The common solution for counting online users is to store sessions in a Table.
> I've created a Table in MySQL to acheive the result, but it seems this 
> solution
> is a little heavy for such a simple task.
> Is there a better alternative? Can I use SqlLite to make COUNT(*) queries 
> based
> on a where statement?
> Is there any better solution? Do you know any way to store sessions in Memory?
> Does Memcache support counting sessions?
> I'm looking for a high-performance solution to count online users.
> What do you think?

The simple way that we do it is to have users table have a boolean field that
gets updated when a person logs in, then a time field showing when they last
visited.  These together should give you the information that you are looking 

This gives you the idea...

FROM    users_table
WHERE   logged_in = 't'
AND     last_activity > FROM_UNIXTIME( UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 1800 )

Jim Lucas

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