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> Subject: [PHP] Problem about PHP
> I want to write a library for the PHP on Solaris.  But I
> don't know how to do and where I should put this library
> than PHP could reach it.

That's going to depend on what you mean by a "library":

If you want to write some functions in PHP and make them available to
other scripts, then it's just a matter of placing that file somewhere in
your include_path and calling it into your other scripts with include(),
require(), auto_prepend_file, etc.  You can find some information in the
manual on defining functions in PHP at

If you want to actually extend the capabilities of PHP by adding new
functions to the language, you'll want to start by reading
README.EXT_SKEL in the directory where PHP is installed.  That should, I
think, give you most of the information you need to get started.

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